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Greetings Foodies,

So last week, I decided to do all vegetarian meals because I thought we had run out of meat and I was trying to a) be creative and stretch the budget til payday and b) be creative and use what I had hiding in my freezer/pantry. So somewhere in the recesses of my brain the idea for doing a dinner crepe sprang forth.

Now there are several recipes that are great because they are only limited by our imaginations and our pantry. Crepes are one of those kinds of recipes. So I found this web-page that had a basic buckwheat crepe recipe and then four different fillings (chicken, salmon, apples, and spinach). They all looked very tasty. We ended up doing the Apple and Leek recipe, only I used red onion because it was what I had on hand, and it was a big hit. Ian’s only comment was “add cinnamon.” The Chicken-Pesto recipe looks really yummy as well.

by pzado

The original recipe calls for Buckwheat flour, which I didnt have, but I figured it could handle some heartier flours. So I used a combo of Spelt and Rye flour. Worked great. My guess is that the basic crepe could use almost any flour you have on hand. My kinda recipe. Another comment, for a family of 4 non-ravenous adults, double the crepe recipe, but keep the filling amounts the same. However, if you have teenage boys you are feeding, triple it. You can find all four crepe fillings here, but dont stop there. If you dont have those ingredients or they dont do anything for you, keep looking online til you find a recipe that works for you. Here is the basic dinner crepe, but like I said, take a look at all four fillings.

Basic Crepes:

3 large eggs

2/3 cup flour of choice

1 cup whole milk

About 2 tablespoons melted butter

Whisk the eggs, flour and milk together and pour onto greased griddle a 1/3 of a cup at a time. Once poured on the griddle lift it up and tilt til the batter spreads quite thin. Place back down on stove and cook at medium heat for 1-3 minutes til browned. Fill with desired fillings.

Again you are only limited by your imagination. And the great thing about this is that if you have any crepes left over, you can make dessert out of them! Happy Eating!

The Gullible Gourmet

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